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Racing Game Template - Best Racing Template For Mobile And PC

Mã code: 7055 Ngôn ngữ: Unity Thể loại: Game Loại file: Full code
No programming is required to start, just edit the player and opponent car prefabs, add your own race tracks and layout waypoints on the tracks for position tracking and AI pathfinding. Vehicle prefab settings can be adjusted to suit the physics needs of your vehicle types. A project editor window to manage game variables and settings is also included. If you're into programming, this template will give you a powerful framework that will save you hundreds if not thousands of hours in framework design, NO DLLs - Full C# Source Provided.
RGT places an emphasis on making sure anything that you might want to change can be quickly and easily changed without breaking something else. Scriptable Objects and Custom Editors were used to create a framework that allows for project variables to be easily configured, referenced or manipulated to meet the needs of any scene.
Key Features: 
> Project Editor Window 
> No Programming Required to Start 
> Unity Networking Multiplayer Ready Prefabs 
> Unity User Interface (uGUI) 
> Unity Rewarded Video Ads Integration for mobile platforms 
> Mobile Ready Controller with Tilt, UI Buttons or UI Joystick for Mobile Steering 
> Realistic Inverse Kinematics Driver 
> Complete Game-Play Loop 
> AI Opponent Drivers 
> Open World Scene Ready For Unique Game Design Concepts 
> Vehicle Material Customization 
> Vehicle Performance Upgrades 
> Race Lap & Position Tracking 
> Options Menu 
> Pause Menu 
> Garage Menu 
> Currency & Reward System 
> Purchase Vehicle System 
> Unlock Races Through Purchase or Progression 
> Mini Map 
> Wrong Way Detection in Races 
> Adjustable Races, Set Laps & Number of Opponents (Up to 63 AI Opponents) 
> Restart Race Button 
> Advanced Way-Point System for Player Arrow Way-Pointer, AI Path Finding, & Racer Position Tracking 
> Race Duration Timer 
> Rear-View Mirror 
> Nitro 
> Camera Switch 
> UI displays up to 8 racer positions. When the player drops below 8th place the UI racer position color is changed to red and the 2 positions above the player are shown instead of 6,7,8 racer positions. 
> All racer data is available to create your own logic implementation of a UI position display. 
> Works with Edy's Vehicle Physics (currently single player mode only) 
> and much more.. 
Please run this package on Unity 5.3.0 or higher, if you get any error, dont hesitate to email me at: [email protected].
Thanks for purchasing this package.
Good luck with your games.




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Mã code: 7055
Ngôn ngữ: Unity
Thể loại: Game
Ngày : 22-10-2016
Loại file: Full code
Dung lượng: 118.66 MB
Giá bán: 10 Xu
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